Marysville Nationals

Marysville Nationals

The Marysville National is the biggest national event of the year for the Western States Dwarf Car Association (WSDCA). It is the final event of the year, usually decides the champion, and a lot of cars to show up. Just making and finishing the A main event is a feat in itself. DRI was lucky enough to supply the power for both the winners of the vet and pro classes, as well as the vet and pro champions.

Congrats to Punky Pires who won Saturdays pro fast dash and "A" main-DRI GSXR

Congrats to Kevin Bender who busted out the broom with a sweep. He won both Friday and Saturday vet "A" mains, the fast dash, the big dog, and the vet WSDCA championship-DRI GSXR & Shocks

Congrats to Shawn Jones who won the pro WSDCA championship-DRI GSXR & Shocks

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