About us

Diatte Racing Innovations is based in Gilroy, California. DRI started in 2010 when Ryan Diatte and his father Troy Diatte built their first dwarf car engine together. Ryan could not afford to pay someone to build his engines, so he decided to buy the manual and do it himself. Using his knowledge he gained from his training at UTI, and many hours on the dyno, the first DRI "prototype" was born. To make a long story short, Ryan won the championship at a very competitive local dwarf car club, called Bay Area Dwarf cars (BAD) at the time. The end of the 2010 season was when Ryan decided he would like to build engines and shocks for his competitors to help fund his race program. After the 2010 season, Ryan developed a bond with Shawn Jones. He was a local racer that was starting his 3rd year in dwarf cars. Ryan saw his potential and approached him about building an engine and shock package for him to run. That same year Ryan built an engine for his brother Camron. This was a very important year for the future of DRI. During 2011 Ryan, Shawn, and Camron won all but one main event with BAD, Shawn won the BAD championship, and Ryan won the Western States Dwarf Car Association (WSDCA) national championship. More and more people were starting to take notice that DRI was the real deal. 

A lot of things have happened since that dominating year. Ryan got married to his wife Melissa in February of 2012. They had their first child, Chase, in April 2013. 

    Ryan sold his car after the 2012 season but found a ride with Shane and Angel Rosson of D&R Chassis/Rosson Racing. He applied his basic setup and shock valving to their cars and immediately saw great results. 

    DRI has been involved with every WSDCA pro national champion since 2011, as well as numerous vet and sportsman champions.

    • Ryan Diatte-2011-DRI shocks and GSXR 1000
    • Camron Diatte-2012-DRI shocks and GSXR 1000
    • Chance Damron-2013-DRI ZX-10
    • Shawn Jones-2014 and 2015-DRI shocks and GSXR 1000
    • Kevin Bender won the vet class in 2013-DRI shocks and GSXR 1000
    • Scott Dahlgren won the vet class in 2015-DRI shock package
    • Chris Kenner won the sportsman class in 2015-DRI shock package

    We have been rebuilding and repairing 70 series QA1 shocks since 2007, and have applied our shock valving to many different chassis brands and have achieved great success with all.

    We do engine work, specializing in Suzuki GSXR 1000's and Kawasaki ZX10's. Engine work specifics aren't discussed publicly, please email Ryan@DRI-Online.com for more information. 

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