DRI QA1 7Q Series Shocks

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Already know what shock valving you want? This is where you can make your selections. 

**ALL DRI SHOCKS ARE BUILT AND DYNO TESTED BY RYAN DIATTE** Ryan has been building shocks FOR DWARF CARS since 2007. DRI is not a shock rebuilding company that builds all different brands for all different cars. We SPECIALIZE in Dwarf cars! We know how to make dwarf cars faster. ITS WHAT WE DO!

QA1’s rebuildable twin tube shocks offer the performance, consistency and tunability racers demand. Formerly known as 70 series shocks, the 7Q series is a small body bearing mount shock. Racers can choose from 6” and 7” bodies depending on rules and applications.

7Q shocks offer the same proven performance of QA1’s large-body shocks in a smaller package. The smaller outside diameter makes them great for lightweight classes or use when packaging is an issue.

Racers can re-valve and rebuild the shocks in a matter of minutes using basic tools and available kits. Two-piece bodies simplify the disassembly and reassembly processes. The gland features relief cuts and a hyper screw port, making shocks easy to fill and bleed. An upgraded seal kit minimizes leaks—especially in high-rebound applications—while the compression tube uses a slip fit design to simplify rebuilds.

Small details add up to provide great overall performance. The black zinc coating ensures a very consistent finish, creating a tight seal every time. Pistons are made of high-quality raw aluminum, minimizing variations that can be found in anodized parts. You can valve the shock with bleed shims or drill out bleeds to maximize tunability.

7Q shocks utilize a laser-engraved, black-anodized closure nut to make serial numbers and valving easy to read at the track or in the shop.

Racers can use QA1’s steel body shocks in coil-over configurations with the appropriate kits (sold separately).

*Compression rates over 6 require additional parts and labor therefor are $10 extra*