DRI Setup Consultation and Driver Coaching

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If you are a customer of DRI, you already receive more help then you could get from any "big box store" when it comes to making a dwarf car go fast. Of course, this is assuming you have asked for help. 

I will now offer this service for those that need/want more of our attention, as well as for the people who are not customers yet. For example, you are already running a different brand of shocks and you don't want to switch, but you want help improving what you have. 

This service would be beneficial to most skill levels, from beginner to 10-year veteran that just wants to see things through a different lens. 

Buying this service includes four race weeks of the following:

-How to properly setup your racecar in the shop and make the right adjustments at the race track.

-Full breakdown of your current setup, including phone conversations discussing the areas your car is lacking and how we can possibly fix it.

-Full breakdown of any videos you send us. We would need you to provide In-car video or from the outside of the track. This part is very important. We have spent years breaking down our own film and others to find speed or bad habits. Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference, and with video we can help spot those things.

On your race night, we will be "on-call" to discuss and advise any changes based on the feedback you are providing. If there is a live stream available, we will also be able to watch that. 

Things to consider before buying:

I (Ryan Diatte) am extremely busy. I have a regular 40hr job from 6:30-3:00 Monday-Friday. I am a football coach on my 9-year old son's team, that is three days a week plus one day on the weekend. I am also a husband, and have a young daughter that was born December 2021.

I also run DRI which requires around 2-3 hours per weeknight and typically 10-20 hours over the weekend. Any phone conversations we have during the week will be scheduled! I cannot take calls while at work or while I am at football practice, you deserve my full attention and I will make sure you get that by scheduling our calls.

On the weekends, call me anytime. As long as I am not on the sideline of a football game, I am going to answer. 

What to expect upon purchase:

If you provide your phone number, you will get a call from us within 24 hours. At that point we will discuss your needs and go from there. If you do not provide your phone number, we will email you ours. 

This purchase covers four race weekends where you will get my full attention. After your four races, we will still have contact but at that point you should not need us as much, and I am no longer obligated to watch every single race or be "on-call"

For the people that will see this and think, "who does this guy think he is," we have been around dwarf cars for 15 years. As a driver, and as a business owner in the space. When I was driving, I won several championships at the regional and national level. I won every big race there was to win until I "retired" after the 2018 season. I know my setup philosophy and principles work because I have used them myself and with dozens of others with the same results, WINNING. If you can drive, we can put you in contention to win.